Curriculum Focus

Welcome to Montessori Invercargill and thank you for sharing our journey. We have a holistic approach to the education of your child from the time he/she first enrols with us until we say goodbye sending them onto their next educational journey very well prepared.

Our philosophy is grounded in family, independence, respect and pride. We are heavily involved in our community and your child will enjoy regular journeys making real connections to the community they live in.

They will play, learn and grow in an environment that is stimulating, exciting, natural and inviting. Montessori uses quality tools and equipment and with low teacher ratios learning comes naturally.

All our staff are committed to the Montessori way with most teachers either trained or in training and come with a wealth of experience. We practise the New Zealand Early childhood curriculum Te Whariki and overlay it with the Montessori approach giving your child the very best possible start to their early years.

Our curriculum focuses on 5 key areas:

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Practical life

Offering experiences rich in teaching independence, caring for themselves and for their environment.

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Using all the senses to explore music, art, size, shape, weight, texture and colour.

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Exposing your child to stories, songs, poetry, books, puzzles, letters, words, spelling reading and writing.

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Having fun and learning with shapes, geometric designs, patterns, addition, subtraction, counting and numerical concepts.

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Where history, geography and science are explored through books, maps, world globes, weather, seasons, space and time.

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Pre-Enrolment / Interest

If you would like to book a visit or ensure your child is considered for enrolment at Montessori Invercargill please fill in the form below,